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Computer training, Connectivity services, Fax2Email services
IT solutions, Network design, implementation, management and maintenance
Wired & wireless technologies, Computer sales & repairs, Hardware and Software sales, Internet solutions Customized computing
LANs, WLANs & WANs, Routing and switching services, 
On-call & IT support services, Printing services, Data backup & recovery services,
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  • To create or modify a competent computing as well as profitable networking
    environment for all our clients and make sure personnel becomes effective and
    productive in the workplace and for all home use. We do this by putting in
    place measures and customized solutions to address various needs of our


  • The CrucialIT Solutions started as a concept arising from the interest and
    passion within the IT industry. The entity was founded in January 2008 but
    wasn’t fully operational but started functioning properly in June 2009. We have
    already started few operations but we were not registered with CIPRO at the
    time. The corporation started to operate legally and properly in March 2010.

  • For the past few years, we have been working on an ad-hoc operation and
    since the industry is growing and calling for lot of participation by entities such
    as ours, we decided to go the legal route and register it and continue with the
    business. Although we had lot of challenges until this far which one of them
    is obviously finance, we have seen it a good idea to start entering the
    economic world and actively participate.

  • We therefore intend to grow the business and take it to the new heights
    by putting more emphasis and focus on our strengths and defy all odds.

  • We basically offer the following services:

    • IT solutions
    • Network design, implementation, management and maintenance
    • Wired & wireless technologies
    • Computer sales & repairs
    • Hardware and Software sales as well as supplies
    • Internet solutions
    • Customized computing & networking solutions
    • Local Area Networks (LAN), Wireless LAN (WLAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN)
    • Routing and switching services
    • On-call IT services
    • Printing services


  • We aim at providing our clients with a state-of-the-art IT interventions. We will
    set the path for our competitors and offer our services at a best reasonable
    market-related fees and making sure that they receive the excellent services.
  • We’re aiming at providing the most up-to-date technologies to all our clients
    and retain the mentality of good practice.
  • We will be establishing more of our operational offices in other areas as a way
    of expanding business and growing our wings
  • We intend making sure that the brand sells itself to the clients by making sure
    that we retain the reputation of the best service provision to all our customers.
  • We will form a sound client relationships to ensure long-term sustainability of
    the entity
  • We will adhere to social responsibility and community development participation
    with a view to ploughing back to the communities within which we will be doing
    our business
  • We are aiming at providing the career opportunities for our youths in the long
    run by offering internships and experiential learning opportunities.
  • We’re heading towards economic participation through tendering and initiating
    our own way of generating revenue.



We have a variety of services that we provide to our clients and these are the core
fundamental products and services of our existence:
  • IT solutions at large – all other related solutions that need technical
  • Computer networking – we provide the best networking services based on
    the industry standards procedures and implementations
  • PC repairs, sales and troubleshooting – we can sell PCs from single units to
    larger quantities that are mostly needed by organisations and other
  • WAN, routing & switching services – we are able to connect different
    networks remotely and route traffic accordingly using the latest technology
    and relevantly apply switching services according to industry regulated
    operations and standards.
  • Hardware & software sales and supplies – depending on what the client
    needs, we provide software and equipment as well as the software updates.
  • Customized computing solutions – we provide services as per what the user
  • Wired & wireless technologies – we look thoroughly into the needs of the
    consumer and then provide services accordingly and this comes along with all
    the features needed to provide the best security against threats.
  • On-call IT services – we’re able to provide so-called “stand-by services” for
    the clients that need urgent solutions after-hours or anytime of the day.
  • Printing services – we provide printing services from single units to large quantities.



We are building consortium partnerships with most of the structures to do business
which assists the CrucialIT in terms of sustainability and progress. We mostly do
business with the following:
  • Construction companies – while the entity erects the structure or the
    building, they usually don’t provide the cabling and networking solutions and
    that’s where CrucialIT comes in to provide such services. We usually provide a
    stop-service together with these companies and that’s where we generate get
    lot of our business. After possible implementation of this service, we then do
    management of such networks in agreement with such a structure as part of
    maintaining relationship.

  • Institutions – schools, institutions of higher learning and municipal offices
    depend on the competent network to provide some of their services and that’s
    where we intervene. Most of the schools are currently adopting the concept of
    having computer laboratories and this is where we gather lot of business and
    grow our strength.

  • Corporate offices – we have an appealing background to implement, manage
    and maintain the corporate network of these kinds of entities.

  • Retail companies – we mostly provide IT support to most of the companies
    that rely on network services to render their business.

  • Outsourcing – we’re able to outsource our services to assist in cases where
    some of the IT companies are only doing centralised services and don’t provide
    field services. We then get contracted to such companies and provide services
    they run short of.

  • After-hour assistance – we have a way of assisting clients after-hours
    regarding some IT interventions. This is service is mainly available on request.
    We have a contact number for such emergencies. We sometimes refer this to
    On-Call services.

  • Supplies – we supply lot of networking equipment ranging from cabling to
    wireless as well as cross-platform devices to be able to be regarded as the
    best service provider in the industry. We are able to provide equipment from
    Cisco, Microsoft, Linux and OpenSource.

  • Opening companies – we envisage to get lot of business from opening
    companies by providing the platform for sound computing and networking
    environment for all these opening businesses. It’s crucial for us, as the name
    suggests, to offer an excellent service to our clients and to make sure that
    they get satisfactory outcomes out of our services.


  • The business is currently under new the developments and they will be carried
    out soon. We are currently in the following processes:
  • Designing and publishing a website
  • Establishing the main office
  • Officially launching the brand
  • Building a client base
  • Carrying out economic market research in other areas with a view to grow



The entity is spear-headed by a qualified and experienced network engineer. I have
the following academic profile for a proper management of our services:
  • NQF 5 Project Management
         Regenesys School of Public Management
  • Network Plus (N+)
         Boston Business College – Horizon View
  • Cisco Certified Networks Associate
         CTU Training – Randburg
  • N Diploma – IT
         UNISA (still busy with)
I have worked for the following structures:
  • Creative Minds Computer Training Centre – Zeerust
         (Course Instructor & Net Admin)
  • BSC Computers – Zeerust
         (Project Manager, Course Instructor, Network Manager)
  • PPASA – Mafikeng
         (Cyber Y’s Program Leader)
  • Smollan Group – Orange Groove
         (Management & Information Systems Consultant)
  • Generally, there are plenty of opportunities all over and that is why we decided
    to go this route. We intend to grow the business so much in the following
    months. Our forecast is that at least by the end of this year we shall have had
    enormous success that will help the entity to be venturing into other provinces
    and see a huge growth despite all the challenges.

  • We gain lot of strength from the setbacks displayed by our competitors and
    we capitalise on such to further the growth of the business. It’s crucial to
    realise that there’s no business that will ever exist if proper service delivery
    measure aren’t honoured but customer service must be the order of the day
    and therefore we don’t compromise on this one.

  • All in all, the business is doing well so far.
  • We have the following fundamental strategies in place that are assisting us
    in terms of sound operational procedures. This strategy is followed by our
    personnel to ensure precise and explicit implementation and delivery of our
    services; this will be outlined in an illustrative figure to express how we
    • Inspection by of one of our personnel - Performing needs analysis
      Determination of needed intervention(s)
      Site inspection at large
      • Report- Compilations of report by the personnel that did the
        inspection and send it back to the client together with the
        recommendations, suggestions and possible quotations if
        • Way-forward - Response from the client and wait for
          possible approval of the project
          • Implementation - The project is being
            undertaken and carried out by the relevant
            personnel or technician
            • Evaluation - Before the project closure, all
              the solutions shall have been tested and
              documented and handed over to the client
              for confirmation and approval
              • Project closure - Once the client is
                happy, we then close the project
                and monitor the progress
                • Post-closure evaluation -
                  After the project has been
                  closed, we then conduct this
                  process to confirm if the
                  project still goes well based
                  on the outcomes observed.
                  • Regular
                    - After
                    all these, we then
                    provide an ongoing
                    support and make
                    sure that the client is
                    satisfied by calling at
                    regular intervals and


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